Instant Hand Sanitiser 50ml and 100ml

Instant Hand Sanitiser 50ml and 100ml

Silver Stag Scotland and STAND International have come together to support individuals, small charities, social businesses or community interest groups during the Coronavirus pandemic by providing 50ml and 100ml bottles of our over 75% alcohol hand sanitiser at an affordable price.

We recognise that the current COVID19 pandemic has placed additional strain on small charities and community groups resources. We also lament that in a free economy the price of commodities is determined by demand. Nobel Prize Laureate Paul Krugman has challenged this common belief among economists

“if disasters are followed by a free-for-all, with very high prices for essentials, the stakes of inequality become much higher. Those who can’t afford high prices face extreme privation, even death, while those with sufficient wealth face no more than inconvenience.”

In an effort to challenge this supply and demand price gouging, where the strong and rich become the preferred consumer and the price of  products which are in short supply increase to create extra profit for the few, we want to extend our business model of fair pricing whilst restricting our products to those who may struggle to pay inflated costs.

Our instant hand sanitiser prevents the spread of illness and infection when washing with soap and water isn’t possible such as when using public transport, on-the-go, shopping, etc.

- Effectively kills 99.9% of most common germs and bacteria that may be harmful.

- Made of 99.9% ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL formulation

- Perfect solution for cleaning and sanitising skin and surfaces

- Approved by World Health Organisation (WHO)


Isopropyl Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Glycerol, Distilled Water

Package size:

50ml for £1.25 plus shipping

100ml for £2.50 plus shipping

NOTE: As a small business, we do not have access to cheap shipping rates like other big companies do, but we also do not add a markup on that either.

Complete an online trade enquiry through our website or contact us on 07581 549 519 to make your purchase.