About us

Our story

Silver Stag of Scotland is a Community Interest Company [CIC] which has a social enterprise operating as a limited company, has special additional features, created to allow us to conduct business to help serve the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in society. 

When we set up the company we knew that we wanted to make a difference to the lives of those who were at the extreme edge of social and economic disadvantage both in this country and abroad. As an outward focused organisation we measure our success by the lives we transform not the awards we receive or the publicity we generate.

Social Benefit Scotland

In Scotland we support the training and development of life skills for those who are furthest from the labour market.
Many of those we support will have experienced a disrupted school education. This happens for a wide range of reasons often related to multiple and complex disadvantages. These can include disability, mental health, homelessness and other social and economic exclusion.
Through a partnership with several Scottish Charities that work disadvantaged young people and adults support tailored to the needs of the individual, helping them engage in activity to move forwards and into employment.

As part of this programme of support we provide the funding for one of our partners to provide pre-employment and vocational training whilst the other partner delivers three SQA qualifications in peer education and peer mentoring. These customised courses have been developed so that learners can achieve the qualification at different levels whilst still undertaking the formal assessment process. We also support other recognised pre-employment and vocational training.

These qualifications then equip the learner to enter into either the labour market or identify an organisation where they can use their new skills as a volunteer.